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Black Diamond

Corvus Coffee Roasters - Denver, CO

Black Diamond

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Tasting Notes

Wine Grape | Ripe Orange | Elegant

The only difference between a pariah and a pioneer is time. Walking around Las Lajas it seems as though producing 88+ point coffees by design is effortless, but it all started in chaos...

A huge earthquake in 2008 blacked out nearly the entire country; depriving Francisca and Oscar of water and power during the time they needed it most, peak harvest. Without any options they began drying coffees in the cherry and in the mucilage, a radical departure from “clean washed” processing.

By the end of harvest they found themselves at odds with the prevailing opinions of coffee “experts” who told them their coffee was ruined. Francisca and Oscar loved the wine-like, fruity flavor profile that shocked conventional tasters, and decided to ignore the mainstream and follow their own observations. We’re so glad they did!

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