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Apex Organic

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Tasting Notes

Chocolate | Brown Spice | Green Apple

The Chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire — the fittest and most highly trained individuals; the best of the best. They would not only run messages across great distances and topographies, but could also read and translate and helped to keep order.

Our Apex Organic’s Chasqui is a collection of lots from around Peru that, like its namesake, are the best of the best. Coffee cherries were harvested during the June - October harvest. The cherries were machine cleaned and processed. After the coffee was dried it was sorted by color and density to ensure that only the best beans remained. Apex has been roasted to a full city roast (med. +) and is very even, bursting with chocolate, brown spice and green apple flavor notes. This coffee is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers.

Peru Chasqui (Certified Organic by NOFA-VT)

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Brown Spice, Green Apple

Region: Cajamarca, Junin and San Martin

Altitude: 1200-1500 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Catimore

Producer: Cadene Centro

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