Rwanda - Muzo

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Rwanda - Muzo

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Tasting Notes


This washed, Red Bourbon lot is produced by a small washing station owned by Emmanuel Rusatira (Baho Coffee). Best brewed on batch or as a pour over, this coffee is sweet with deep tropical notes highlighting the care that goes into every step of the growing and drying process. This is a great example of Emmanuel's commitment to paying a premium to farmers in the area and we look forward to building our relationship with him through this fantastic coffee. This coffee was offered to us by Ben at Sundog Trading who we are also really excited to be building a relationship with. We purchased the last available bags of this lot in March 2020 (literally on the eve of the Covid quarantine) and we are stoked to finally have it in our hands and to be offering it to you all! Times are indeed uncertain but this coffee is a living example of how we want to be building meaningful and sustainable relationships and we are inspired by the work of Emmanuel, the community farmers he is working with and the importing work of Ben at Sundog. Thank you for supporting all of this through every cup you brew! :)