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Mexico - Chiapas ORG

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Tasting Notes

S’Mores | Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Approachable

This Certified Organic coffee comes from regional farmers in Chiapas, Mexico and was sourced in partnership with Mayan Winds and Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. This coffee is very approachable, suited for everyday drinking and is a true crowd pleaser with notes of caramel, marshmallow and chocolate covered strawberries. Since the mid 19th Century, coffee in southern Mexico has been an important cash crop for many farmers with a list of negative social and environmental impacts which we aim at combating through our purchase of this sustainably farmed, cooperative lot. Many of the farmers that contributed to this coffee are Indigenous to Chiapas and grow the coffee under the shade of native trees without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Some of this coffee was even grown in environmentally protected areas, as Chiapas' rainforests are home to thousands of animals and plants, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are enjoying this coffee on batch brew and it is also a component in our espresso and cold brew blends. Enjoy!