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Guatemala - Familia Villatoro

Almanac Coffee - Duluth, MN

Guatemala - Familia Villatoro

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Tasting Notes

Chewy Chocolate | Red Apple | Daily Drinking

Over the last few years, we have offered a couple different Guatemalan microlots and the feedback from you all has been amazing with a general consensus that you want more! Because of this we are excited to announce that we have an amazing, single family coffee from Huehuetenango for you to enjoy. This coffee was produced by the Villatoro Family (primarily Rosalio and Rosiela, the elder Villatoro's of the clan) and is a great coffee for every day drinking that is perfect with or without milk. This coffee is part of a program called Xinabajul which was established in 2013 by our importing partners, Coffee Shrub, who we worked with directly to select this lot. For over 7 years, this project has helped increase transparency of the Guatemalan coffees that Shrub imports, in turn creating a system where farmers are paid more for their work. This program is really cool and we are excited to be supporting it as we go into 2021 (we first bought coffee under this program in 2016 but are planning to offer these lots more consistently).