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Colombia - El Mirador

Almanac Coffee - Duluth, MN

Colombia - El Mirador

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Tasting Notes

Caramel | Lemongrass | Daily Drinking

One of our themes for 2021 is creating stronger relationships from seed to cup and this coffee is a prime example of this work. In 2017, we randomly met Kyle at the Specialty Coffee Expo and were inspired by his story of recently investing in a small farm in Colombia. Fast forward almost 4 years, we are receiving coffee from this farm for the second year in a row and plan to deepen this relationship through future purchases, trips to Colombia and regional sourcing from other small farmers with the help of Kyle.

El Mirador is located in southern Huila and is co-owned and operated by Jose Jadir Losada. It is a 20 hectare farm in the municipality of Suaza and sits at 1450-1600 masl. The farm has two full-time employees and during harvest season about 25 pickers can be found amongst the coffee trees.

This lot is 100% Castillo and was dry-fermented, then washed and dried for around 25 days on raised beds under shade. We are excited to be featuring this coffee and it is extremely versatile being used in our espresso and cold brew blends, brewed on batch and manually brewed on a Kalita 155.