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Leticia's Honey

Alma Coffee - Woodstock, GA

Leticia's Honey

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Tasting Notes

rosewater | red grade | black tea

Have you met Leticia? Not only is she behind the website, social media, and emails but yes, she grew this coffee! As a 5th generation coffee farmer and owner of her own coffee farm in Honduras! Leticia was especially nervous to experiment with honey processing because there is a much higher risk of losing your crop.

Despite the name, there is actually no honey in a honey process. The skin of the coffee cherry was removed leaving the delicious nectar around the coffee bean. She then dried the coffee for weeks allowing the nectar to impart unique and delicious flavors into the coffee. Leticia is so excited to finally share this coffee with her Alma Familia! With delicious notes of black tea, green apple, and blackberry, she recommends brewing in a drip brewer or chemex.