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Perlamayo - Peru

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Perlamayo - Peru

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Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate | Honey | Tangerine

Coffee production in Peru dates back to the 18th century. Despite over 300
years of history, there has been little industrialization, and the country’s
beans are still mainly grown by thousands of small farmers around this
mountainous nation. Until recently, coffee trade was conducted in small
town squares, where coffee buyers had much of the leverage. Over the past
decade, a significant portion of Peru’s coffee farmers have joined cooperatives,
which has led to better production and processing practices, higher coffee
quality, and more equitable prices.

These Fair Trade, organic beans were grown by Arsenio Duarez Perez at his
finca, La Piedra Grande. Arsenio washed the pulp and mucilage off before
drying the beans, a process which yields a clean cup. The coffee exhibits a
medium body, balanced sweetness, and muted acidity.

Washed, 1550masl