Valiant Coffee - Loomis, CA

Valiant Coffee - Loomis, CA


We began in the cold rainy months of Fall 2014. Like many of you, our coffee-buying experience led us to local shops or specialty grocery stores that often carried well-known brands. We'd deliberate a bag, brand, and origin, hemming and hawing until we'd settle on one sweet little bundle to take home.

But, as time went by and bags were emptied, we often found the contents less than the splendid exciting flavors listed on the bag. We started to notice a pattern: this flat coffee wasn't FRESH. The industry standard for dating coffee was an obscure SELL BY date rather than a ROASTED ON date. There was no way to know when the coffee was actually produced, making every purchase a risk; a risk that was becoming more and more unacceptable.

The problem was a vital lack of integrity in how many companies represented the quality and freshness of their product. The packing might say "Fresh Roasted" or "Roasted Daily," but that in no way ensured the coffee was actually and honestly "Fresh Roasted Coffee".

Our solution was simple:

- We'd do it ourselves, giving each bag a "Roasted On" date.

- We'd ensure we got our coffee into the hands or to the mail, within 24 hours of roasting.

- We'd make sure each small batch (6lbs at a time) be roasted to perfection.

- And we'd make sure we were consistent in our ability to produce the best damn coffee around.  

Since 2014 we've been charging ahead in our mission to make coffee Excellent. Coffee goes out fresh every week, folks are happy, cups are full, and we all start our days a little more caffeinated than when we awoke. All that and a supremely excellent coffee to boot.

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