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Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

Collection: Thump Coffee - Bend, OR

From the very beginning, Thump has been guided by a fundamental passion to create both a better cup of coffee and a better experience for the people who drink it. Their desire to marry together these seemingly disparate and unrelated philosophies came from the recognition that it was desperately needed in the industry. They saw that the coffee industry lacked providers who were passionate about both sides: not just the cup, but also the human being hoping to be moved by it.

Over time, they developed a strong reputation for the quality of their craft. They want everything they make, everything they provide to the people, to be worth more than what they pay for it. Not simply because of they care for the craft, which they do, but because of the care for the people in their community.

They know coffee is just a beverage but they believe that it is capable of amazing things. They have seen firsthand how one cup can change the life of the one who drinks it.

Along with their own selection - their sister roaster, 11 Roasters, provide wholesome, well-rounded coffees for those who enjoy a bold, heavy body. 

Their People



Andy has been a part of the Thump team since 2014. He is the general manager in charge of coffee for their Denver locations. He oversees training and quality control and loves to talk/teach people about coffee. 



Kelsey helps manage/ run the Tech Center location in Bend, Oregon.



Kevin manages the York location in Bend, Oregon.



Boone is the Bakery Manager at Thump Coffee, joining on board in spring 2018. All of their Bend baked products come out of their production bakery at the NW York location. He has his hands in all aspects of the bakery, from their butter-rich laminated pastries, like their danishes and croissants, to their gluten-free and vegan options, and most recently their in-house bread for their new sandwiches. Their goal is to strike the perfect balance between appearance, taste, and texture with all of their products, and leave their customers with a great experience.

Willow Roasting 33.jpg


Willow is the head roaster for both Thump & 11 Roasters since November 2016. She manages everything coffee; from green coffee buying to creating blends & roast profiles to ensure quality and consistency. Whether roasting for wholesale, retail, or for their own cafes, you can taste the care and passion infused in every roast.

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Anne is the Wholesale Manager at Thump Coffee. Since she started working here, she has had the pleasure of learning the ropes of a coffee shop; from roasting, back of house production, barista, and trainer she can assist with any needs you may have. Her goal is to make sure you are taken care of in the best way and have the skills and tools needed to thrive as a business. She hopes everyone associated with Thump feels like part of the family.

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