Lily & Lorelei

Lily & Lorelei

Founded in 2015 by Honey and Roses Co- Founder Ella Jesmajian. Lily and Lorelei was created after an inspirational trip to Morocco and a budding desire to build a more sustainable and unique online shopping experience. 

The inspiration for this company had been growing over the past decade in Ella's mind. Countless trips abroad left a distinct impression about what it really means to travel and explore a new place. Traveling is so much more than the photos you take and the amount of places you see along the way. There is so much to be discovered in every adventure you experience and one of the focal points of the visor was influenced by the markets you find in many countries abroad. Whether it be Morocco, Cuba, Bangkok or Paris. Street markets, souks, farmers markets and floating markets are an incredible way to connect with locals, try new foods and spices and bring back a piece of your trip with you to your home.  

We really wanted to create an online experience that can take you country by country into the depth of the art, people, and culture and provide an alternative way to bring a piece of another country into your own home without have to travel to that place.


Welcome to Lily and Lorelei Artisan Store.


Ella & Joe 



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