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Sailor's Brew Coffee - Pasadena, CA

Sailor's Brew Coffee... where motivation meets coffee. The Sailor's team focus on and emphasize coffee, as a true coffee brand that advocates for quality coffee, coffee culture and life motivation. The essence of true coffee isn't (and shouldn't be) masked with added flavors.

Sailor's Brew Coffee was founded and is operated by true coffee lovers, who just simply love coffee and enjoy life, keeping things as simple as the calmest sea.

Finding motivation and inspiration is key to navigating the seas of life. It is through motivational coffee culture that Sailors team empowers every member of the Sailor’s Brew Coffee Crew. So wether you’re freshly new to the SBC Crew, or you’ve been sailing with them for a while, welcome. Brew strong, sip slow and get on your voyage! And as always...
Safe Sails

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Sailor… It’s not just a last name, it’s a way of life. For centuries, Sailors have been the master navigators of the untamable sea, often times navigating without a map; navigating calm seas suddenly interrupted by disastrous storms.Sounds a lot like life right?

So let this brew, Sailor’s Brew Coffee, be your daily navigator...sailing you through the calm and rough seas of life.
Join the crew...Sailor's Brew Coffee


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