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Roseline Coffee - Portland, OR

Roseline Coffee - Portland, OR
    • Roseline Coffee is based in Portland, Oregon. They focus on three main things when sourcing and roasting their coffee.
    • 1. QUALITY - While quality can cover many topics, it means offering high quality, high scoring, clean and complex coffees for Roseline, ensuring equitable sourcing practices that give their producers a higher quality of life.
    • 2. CONSISTENCY - Roseline recognizes that quality is nothing if you can’t produce it consistently. In this way, they believe the two are invariably linked. Roseline Coffee was born out of the desire to offer a higher level of consistent products and services.
    • 3. COMMUNITY - Plainly, community is why they’re here today. They strongly believe that the coffee industry is more of a people business than anything and their goal is to connect with people from the local and global communities. Roseline believes that a great coffee is the perfect platform for building community and connection, to gain perspective and learn how to be better citizens of this planet. 

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