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Ethiopia - Reko

Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA

Ethiopia - Reko

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Tasting Notes

Lemon | apricot | green tea

Another sweet, beautiful Yirgacheffe coffee! This one comes from Reko washing station and reminds us of limoncello, apricot and green tea. The aroma is intensely floral, the body is light and delicate, and it finishes with a bright sparkling acidity!

The name Reko comes from the Reko Mountain located in the Kochere region of Ethiopia where the Reko washing station is located. There are roughly 850 smallholder coffee farmers from surrounding areas contribute their coffee to this washing station. Incoming coffee is washed with water from the local river and pulped with an Agard pulping machine. The mucilage is then removed by traditional fermentation (36-48 hours). Finally, the coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 10-12 days.