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Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA

Recluse Roasting Project - Richmond, VA
Formed in 2018, Recluse Roasting Project is a specialty coffee company in Richmond, VA run by Aimee Biggerstaff and Jack Fleming. They met while working for Olympia Coffee Roasters, where the two of them have worked as baristas, managers, head roaster, and green buyer.
When Jack left for Olympia, WA from Virginia, there was very little specialty coffee in Richmond. He had always planned on returning to RVA someday to start a roastery. Aimee had already spent many years in the coffee industry and over that time developed a fascination with bar flow and hospitality. This grew into aspirations of someday designing her own coffee bar. Through the years, Jack and Aimee spent time traveling and visiting other coffee companies all over the world. This privilege allowed them to challenge their idea of what a coffee company has to be.
Fast forward a few years later and Jack and Aimee were driving from WA to VA with a trailer full of: a Diedrich Roaster, La Marzocco Linea PB, two dogs, a cat and everything they owned. Their unique coffee bar opened Spring of 2020 in a growing area of RVA. 

Aimee and Jack’s goal is to source the best coffees possible all while paying the producers they work with two to three times “fair trade” pricing. Over the years they've formed several relationships with producers during their travels that they now work with directly. They are working towards a model where all of their coffees will be bought this way. It is difficult sometimes being as small as they are, but it is one of their main values as a company. Working directly with coffee producers helps the farmers afford to do things such as commit to organic farming practices, add welfare to their team by helping build more structural homes and rest areas on their property, offer food packages for their workers and so on. One producer they work with offers scholarships to the young women who work on his farm. 

When they aren't roasting coffee they enjoy spending time outdoors hiking with their dogs, camping, playing board games, gardening and searching for the best food in any nearby city.

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