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Rabble & Lion Coffee - Brooklyn, NY

Rabble & Lion Coffee - Brooklyn, NY

Origin stories matter. For example, learning the origin of a coffee gives you insight into where the coffee was grown, how the beans were processed, what flavors you might expect to find in your cup, and the many hard-working people responsible each step along the way.

Rabble & Lion Coffee’s origin story is represented in the rabble and the lion, which are the inspiration for thier company and coffee. The rabble represents everyone who gets up in the morning, puts on their shoes and works for a living. The rabble is the backbone of our society, even though they rarely get the credit they deserve. The lion represents courage in adversity. Regardless of what the day throws at it, the lion has the will to make its way.

Rabble & Lion Coffee was founded by  Craig and Paul, who met at a coffee roasting course and share a passion for craft. They both had a stong work ethic and courage and we're inspired to create a company together. They source single-origin Arabica beans with distinct flavor profiles. They ensure the coffee used is the best quality and they have cultivated relationships with their farmers and customers as they emphasis the transparent and sustainable approach. Enjoy this local Brooklyn, NY gem and taste the difference.

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