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Dur Feres - Ethiopia

Boon Boona Coffee - Renton, WA

Dur Feres - Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Blueberry | Cacao Nib | Strawberry

Dur Feres means Wild Horse in Amharic and is Catalyst Trade’s flagship community lot. It has the same level of traceability as their top-shelf offerings, is organic certified, and maintains a steady flavor profile. Furthermore, the washing stations that provide coffee for this blend are operated by the company’s Ethiopian shareholders. Their transparent coffee trade platform and meticulous sourcing model assure that more of the added value stays in Ethiopia. When we sip Dur Feres, we taste blueberries up front and cacao nibs in the finish. It has a round body with medium acidity and a lingering finish. We love this coffee and the people who have made it happen!