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Jagshead Coffee - Charlotte, NC

Jagshead Coffee - Charlotte, NC

Tucked around the Santa Ana Volcano in EL Salvador is where Jags Head Coffee has been growing specialty coffee for over 5 generations. After over 100 years of specializing in growing coffee they have integrated their farms with their very own roastery in Charlotte, NC, finallybeing able to show case their coffees directly to you.

3rd Generation coffee producer Tomas Trigueros II owns and manages his coffees farms. Twice a year he sends his prized harvest to the roastery where his son and 4th generation coffee producer Andres roasts the beans. They take pride in their farming and roasting to ensure maximum quality in every cup of coffee. Thanks to their roasting operation they have done what is hard for many producers that is make their farms sustainable to keep their legacy in coffee rolling for future generations to come.

As they say at Jags Head Coffee “From Our Farm to Your Cup” we hope you enjoy.

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