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ILSE Coffee - Westport, CT

ILSE Coffee - Westport, CT


ILSE Coffee is an ingredient-driven coffee company. They 
believe, like with most things, starting with the best raw product is extremely important. They look for coffees that are naturally sweet and flavorful, as they have a strong appreciation for a fruit-forward cup. 

Their goal as coffee roasters is to bring out the natural sweetness and flavor that is a result of all the hard work done by their producers at origin. They never want to impart any roast flavor in their already beautifully vibrant coffees. They only want to bring out the truth in the coffee they buy.

Lucas and Rebecca are the founders Ilse coffee in Fairfield country Connecticut. Lucas is a Westport, Connecticut local and is ILSE Coffee's roaster and green coffee buyer. Several years ago, Lucas fell in love with coffee the first time he had a cup that he believed "actually tasted like something". Since then, his life has completely changed and is now committed to helping people experience how truly special (and life-changing) coffee can be. 

Rebecca, originally from the Berkshires, has a background in studying and making art and is therefore ILSE Coffee's head of all things visual. She's always had a deep love and appreciation for specialty food and drink, and is looking forward to sharing this passion with others through her work with ILSE. 


We hope you enjoy their delicious coffee and savor every last sip!

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