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Form & Function - Boise, ID

Form & Function - Boise, ID

Form & Function is a specialty coffee roaster located in downtown Boise. We make it a habit to develop our techniques & increase our standards. We believe one should never be stagnant, but always continue to grow.

COFFEE // We employ and highly train those who are passionate about coffee education and are always looking to progress in their craft and understanding. We combine skilled baristas with precise brewing parameters, to deliver you the best possible product.

ROASTING // From farm to cup, coffee needs proper care and conditions to allow it to yield the absolute best results. That is why we are keenly aware of how our product is cared for along the way, starting at the source. We step in at the final stages of the cycle using roasting techniques aimed to bring out the natural attributes in each bean.

SUPPLY // We seek to equip our community with exceptional brewing supplies, offering everything you need to create the best coffees at home. When you purchase a piece of brewing equipment from us we offer to meet you in the lab to work through how to use it to it’s fullest potential, so that you are brewing confidently! We also offer a variety of classes, seeking to inspire, educate and share our discoveries along the way. We are passionate about serving our community through education and a shared love of coffee.

FINALLY // As a company we are committed to sourcing sustainably and making efforts to ensure the entire supply chain is being taken care of. We are also committed to finding the tastiest coffee available, so we only buy the best. That way YOU are guaranteed to get a high quality product while simultaneously spreading the dollar throughout the supply chain! Well played.

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