East One - Brooklyn, NY

East One - Brooklyn, NY

East One Coffee Roasters was founded in 2017 with a goal to let people enjoy a great cup of coffee while promoting a more diverse community in all levels of the coffee industry.

As humans, we are from different nations, different cultures and different race but Coffee is something that connects us all.

The coffee industry is dominated by one gender and faces a lot of challenges when it comes to things like representation. There are few female roasters in the market as compared to male coffee roasters. The same goes for people of color and people with differing lifestyles.

Roasters at East One Coffee Roasters are playing their part in the improvement of the society by trying to not only create a more diversified work force and creating opportunities for people used to feel excluded.

As a company, East One aims to roast and serve a menu that is:

  • Resonant: Coffees that have their own personality and character. Coffees that speak to the terroir, and producers who grow and process them
  • Dimensional: Roasting in such a way that allows the coffee to speak with all of its dimension and complexity. This means roasting light and never looking for roast as a character we want to taste in a cup.
  • Full-spectrum: Offer a wide range of coffees, catered towards both conservative and adventurous palates.

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