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Due South Coffee Roasters - Greenville, SC

Due South Coffee Roasters - Greenville, SC


Good coffee requires good work and good work requires good inspiration. Maybe you’re looking for delicate flavors to linger over. Maybe you’re after a delicious cup of coffee to get your day started. At Due South Coffee Roasters, they're making sure you don’t have to choose. 

Since 2013, they've been roasting ambitious and forward-thinking specialty coffee in upstate South Carolina. Their sourcing relationships, thoughtful roasting and friendly preparation of coffee are all in service to you, the community that continues to inspire them towards excellence.  

What they know:

Coffee is useful: they understand coffee serves a purpose in your daily life. Whether you enjoy complex flavors, you’re a coffee expert, or youre looking for your daily pick me up, you rely on your coffee to get you there. Due South strives to make that as easy for you as possible. 

Coffee is good: coffee is the sum of its parts and those parts are always the people. From sourcing high-quality green coffee to developing meaningful relationships with farmers, they know that good people build a good foundation. Their production team spends hours crafting the ideal roast profile to express the beauty of each coffee. Lovingly packaged and then prepared with care by our team of talented baristas, intentional delivery highlights each quality note for its final destination.

Useful & Good: their team does all of this because they believe that coffee shouldn’t have to choose between being approachable or excellent. Their work is based in years of experience and careful control so that they can honor the work of everyone: the farmers who grow it, the individuals who roast it, the team that prepares it and most importantly the people who drink it. They are very honored to be offering coffee they strongly believe in to folks who can appreciate it. 

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