Ethiopia - Duromina

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Ethiopia - Duromina

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Tasting Notes

Vanilla | tangerine | jasmine

After being away from the Roseline menu for a few years, Duromina is back and as good as ever. Coffee produced from this washing station is truly spectacular, which contributes to its high demand from roasters all over the world. Over the years the popularity of coffees produced from this cooperative has skyrocketed leading to the addition of new mills to help process all of the coffee coming in. Duromina is part of the same Kata Maduga Cooperative Society along with familiar names like Nano Challa, Yukro, Kolla Bolcha and another coffee on our menu, Nano Genji. This year's lot is showcasing a delicate flavor profile. First sips reveal vanilla-like florals, a tangerine juiciness with an unmistakable perfumed jasmine essence. Truly an unforgettable tasting experience.


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