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Tasting Notes

Chocolate | Hazelnut | Berries

Our beloved Nordico has gotten a refresh. Long story short, we’ve said goodbye to the natural Ethiopia component of the blend. I think you’ll find the blend tastes quite similar with an added focus on chocolate and tad less fruit in the profile. The refreshed blend should perform more consistently for baristas shot to shot and week to week as well. 

Why the shift? 

In the fall of 2018 we created a version of our seasonal blend, Nomad, that was basically Nordico minus Ethiopia. That blend was so good, we had to find a way to keep it around. The flavor profile was incredible - balanced, sweet, magically simple and satisfying. This Nordico refresh inches the profile toward that famed version of Nomad. 

The new and improved Nordico is built around the stellar Brazilian coffees we’ve been sourcing for the past year from small family farms in the Sul de Minas region. These are the best Brazilian coffees we’ve ever had here at One Village coffee, they’re rich and chocolaty with a kiss of sweet fruit! We’re currently pairing Guatemala Finca La Revuelta with the Brazil Sitio Gamelao. You’ll see that Brazil/Guatemala configuration for the majority of the year.

Cheers, we hope you enjoy it!
-Steve Hoffman, Director of Coffee

A Blend From | Guatemala & Brazil

Process | Washed & Natural

Variety | Yello Catuai, Bourbon

Grown At | 1250 - 1555 M