Bolivia - Finca Kusillo

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Bolivia - Finca Kusillo

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Tasting Notes

dark chocolate | bing cherry | rich

Caranavi, Bolivia, The Doorway to the Amazon lies beyond the infamous Death Road high in the Andes mountains. Here you're in a remote land with a culture that pre-dates the rise of the Incan Empire. We followed the spirit of adventure to Bolivia with the purpose of discovering coffee in one of the lowest production countries in the world. This country has historically exported most of its coffee to Chile. This has locked it out of the exploding specialty coffee market in the US and where there is restriction there is an opportunity to make a difference!

We landed in La Paz and connected with some growers, the Rodriguez family, we connected with through our friend Hyunki Lee who owns Momo's coffee in Korea. Pedro Rodriguez is the father and founder of Rodriguez farms' and has been in coffee for more than 30 years. The Incan perseverance and care of the land is imbedded deep in their history and ethos, and we were throughly impressed with both their own farms and the coffee projects they have set up for small shareholders in the area. They host agronomy classes for producers, set up workshops on agriculture methods, and give discounts on fertilizers and seeds to producers in their Sol de la Mañana program.

Finca Kusillo is a farm Pedro and his daughter Daniella and son Pedro Pablo have had for many years. This particular lot is a caturra micro-lot that is Rich, Full Bodied, and has Deep Dark Chocolate and Bing Cherry notes in the cup!

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