Colombia - Darwin Fernandes

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Colombia - Darwin Fernandes

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Tasting Notes

Malted Chocolate | Raspberry | Honey

Darwin Fernandes is the 2nd generation owner and operator of Finca Buena Vista, a small family farm in Buenos Aires, Narino, the southern most department of Colombia. Situated in the Andes at 2100 meters above sea level, a tremendously high elevation, the conditions are just right for producing sweet, complex, and crisply acidic coffee! This lot from Fernandes and his family is a wonderful example of top quality Narino coffee. We find notes of soft citrus, raspberry, red grape and honey balanced with a juicy sweetness and a firm base of shortbread and malted chocolate. This is a great casual drinking coffee that offers tons of depth and complexity to the curious drinker.

Fernandes is associated with two local producer groups and works in quality control and training to help other producers improve their crops. Considering the average Colombian coffee farmer is in their 50s, it's heartening to see the younger generation carry on the family business of coffee production and take on leadership roles in the coffee producing community!

Single Origin From | Colombia

Region | Narino

Town | Buenos Aires

Farm | Finca Buena Vista

Producer | Darwin Fernandes

Processing | Washed

Variety | Caturra, Colombia

Elevation | 2100 M