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Caffe Del Sol

Caffe Vita - Seattle, WA

Caffe Del Sol

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Tasting Notes

milk chocolate | caramel | dark cherry

From everywhere, to everywhere, for everything. The Del Sol flagship blend honors coffee’s global history by tracing the plant’s travels over amber oceans--from Ancient Ethiopia to Indonesia, and to the Americas from Europe. It’s a rich and complex story, with praline and dark chocolate plot points. And given Vita's dedication to ethical trading, this history lesson comes with a deep, silky sweet caramel finish.

The Del Sol flagship blend is strong enough for a latte, but sensitive enough for a pour-over. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can drink this rich and complex combo of milk chocolate, caramel, and dark cherry. 

Vita don’t mind playing their greatest hits, and this is their top request. Everywhere they go, our fans shout the lyrics at us like, “Milk, milk chocolate and caramel, baby!” They don’t mind; it’s an honor. They even signed one guy’s “Del Sol or Die” tattoo. Hey, after all these years, you gotta admit, Del Sol still stands up to cream, whether brewed at home or extracted as espresso, with a silky amber crema. That’s how it is with a classic, man.

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