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Brazil - Paubrasil

Due South Coffee Roasters - Greenville, SC

Brazil - Paubrasil

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Tasting Notes

Chocolate | Toasted Almond | Smooth

Paubrasil delivers the best of a classic Natural processed coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro region and is Ally's Core Coffee from Brazil. Paubrasil is named for Brazil's national tree and exemplifies the consistent quality created by Brazil's seasoned farmers, who use all available technologies to advance production by growing coffees that offer balanced, smooth coffee cup profiles, despite changing environmental conditions. Each container of Paubrasil is traceable back to the farm(s) where it was grown through a QR code linking to an online farm profile compiled prior to shipping the coffee. Paubrasil coffee is transparently certified as part of the Regiao Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin program. Coffees certified with the Designation of Origin are grown on farms in an area encompassing 55 municipalities that produce coffees with a unique identity, resulting from the combination of climate, soil, terrain, elevation, and the "know-how" of producers.
Producer: Various Producers
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Altitude: 1100 Meters
Variety: Catuai
Process: Natural
Harvest: Year round
Importer: Ally Coffee

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