Belltown Blend

Street Bean - Seattle, WA

Belltown Blend

Tasting Notes

Plum Compote | Swiss Chocolate | Apple Caramel

This blend is roasted to showcase the innate qualities of each of the coffees, and is perfect for both espresso and drip brew. It's our go-to milk espresso, so if you've been to our shops, chances are you've tasted it!


Ines Perafan and her daughter Sandra work together in their home and on their tiny 2 hectare (5 acres) farm in the riverside town of Puerto Lleras. They care for and feed their family and workers, working alongside them as well. They even de-pulp their coffee on their own micro-mill located at their farm. They are also part of the Los Guacharos group, which we also carried this past year.

Nolberto Olaya is a master farmer, producing all of his farmÕs fertilizer, and operating entirely sustainably, while maintaining 90% shade cover.