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One Village Coffee - Souderton, PA


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Tasting Notes

Balanced | Sweet | Toasty

Roast Level | Medium + Dark

Over the years Artist has become almost synonymous with coffee from the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras. For much of the year COMSA makes up 100% of the blend. We’ve become friendly with some of the members of the co-op thru regular trips to Honduras and their trips to the US. They are a progressive and forward thinking group, not only when it comes to their agricultural prowess, but also in the realms of education, investment in children, gender equality, healthy living and eating, the list goes on...

They’re also well known around Latin America for their organic agricultural practices. Plus they have our heart! They produce a lot of coffee, and it goes all over the world, and some buyers buy it as simply Fair Trade, Organic Honduras that could come from this co-op or the other. For us it’s David, Liliana, Oscar, Rudolfo, Miriam, Marco, Rommel and more… Sappy, sappy, sappy, but real true village type bonding happening here in Artist Blend. That's all. Knowing the farmers who produce the coffee you buy is nothing new or ground breaking, it’s becoming the new standard, as it ought to be.  

A Blend From | Honduras

Region | Marcala

Certification | Fair Trade, Organic

Processing | Washed

Variety | Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra

Grown At | 1300 - 1700 M

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