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Belen Gualcho
Belen Gualcho

Alma Coffee - Woodstock, GA

Belen Gualcho

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Tasting Notes

Malt Chocolate | Green Grapes | Graham Crackers

Belen Gualcho is actually a small village located in the Ocotepeque department of Honduras. They are a jewel in the middle of the Honduran mountains with a population of about 16K people. We came across this delicious coffee when Jesus Mata, a coffee farmer, heard about our family farm, Finca Terrerito and how we treated farmers fairly and focused on helping the community. Jesus went out on a limb and made the journey to Finca T to introduce himself and his coffee. After a cupping that blew our farm team away, our farm director, Marcial made the trip to Belen to see their operations first hand and verify they used sustainable practices. Thanks to Jesus, we purchased this delicious coffee from a group of 7 farmers (including Jesus) that have on average 1 to 2 acres each. We roasted this coffee light to bring out delicious notes of malt chocolate, green grapes, and graham crackers!