Brave Coffee & Tea - Waterbury Center, VT

Brave Coffee & Tea - Waterbury Center, VT

Brave Coffee & Tea Co. is a family-owned Vermont coffee roasting company and tea purveyor, offering freshly-roasted coffee and teas from around the world.

Roasting on Monday-Wednesday, and shipping twice a week, every week, so your order arrives fresh.


Started in 2009, in the back room of Black Cap Cafe in Stowe, Scott Weigand took over the company in 2014. He had been working in the coffee business for 13 years, in positions ranging from Barista, to trainer, salesman, and now roaster.  Keeping the hand roasted specialty coffee business running under the name "Brave" was very important to Scott.  

Scott's focus is taking coffee and roasting it to bring out the best flavors of the bean.  He is a family man, with two young daughters, and loves drinking his coffee black. 

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