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Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters - Baltimore, MD

Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters was founded 3 years ago when their co founder moved to San Diego. It started with a single cup of coffee he had from a local roaster. All of this roasted coffee was directly sourced from small farms in Guatemala, and that first sip opened his mind and senses to a world of coffee he wasn’t privy to prior. From this, his passion for sustainable, direct trade, and high quality coffee grew into an obsession. He purchased a home roaster in 2016 along with 5lbs of green coffee and began roasting. At first, it was solely a hobby to home roast and have fresh, high quality coffee every morning. Shortly after, he began sharing with family and friends, and the encouragement began. The feedback on quality and taste were very positive- so Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters was born. Their goal is filled with passion and a mission to deliver the highest quality coffee to the Baltimore Community and the US.

Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters #ReThinkCoffee

Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters is dedicated to Sustainable, High Quality Coffee and continued coffee Education to the end consumer. Aveley Farms works with importers and exporters to create direct trade relationships with coffee farmers around the world, and deliver farm to cup coffee in Baltimore. All of their coffees must meet or exceed the SCAA cupping standards, and they are dedicated to sourcing and roasting Quality over Quantity. In addition, Aveley Farms Coffee is dedicated to the education of the end coffee consumer on all things coffee. It is their desire that through education and transparency of their coffee, they can help grow and expand the Baltimore Coffee Community.
Their goal is to challenge & change the way you view, taste and think about coffee. #ReThinkCoffee

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