Akara - New York City, NY

Akara - New York City, NY

AKARA Indian Coffee is NYC based producer/supplier/roaster of high-grade single-origin Indian Coffee.

Their coffee is grown in the birthplace of Indian Coffee in the tropical hills of Chikmagalur, Southern India. The Coffee is grown, harvested, washed, roasted and packed on our own farms the same way for over 150 years. At Akara, they take pride in the way they grow their coffee. They only use sustainable methods of growing coffee where they don't deplete the earth and let it grow naturally. All of their Coffee crops are grown among other crops like cardamom, peppers, vanilla and teak wood giving it very unique and robust taste.

They take care of the environment and the people who work on the farms and it is a family operated unit. India has an abundant rainfall and Akara's coffee is always shade-grown.

Akara coffee provides the boldest taste to Espresso, Lattes and drips Coffee. Their unique ground Coffee which is mixed with mountain Chicory will get you addicted to our coffee forever. Enjoy.

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