Cardomom Spiced Latte

How to Make the Fall Spiced Simple Syrup
1 tsp Cardamom
1 tsp Honey
1 tsp All Spice
1 Clove
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tbsp Orange Zest
Depending on the amount of simple syrup you want to make, change the quanitites to equal amounts for all the dry ingrediants. The recipe above makes enough for 4 lattes of coffee beverages.
1. Take all your dry ingrediants and mix them in a small bowl.
2. Add a cup of hot water
3. Add equal parts honey, maple syrup, agave or sugar (1 Cup)
4. Stir all the ingrediants together and let cool in the fridge for up to 5 hours.
5. Pour your espresso or hot coffee and 1-2 tbsp of the simple syrup and stir.
6.Then steam or heat your milk or choice and pour over the coffee.

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