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Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

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Father’s Day is one of the best times of the year to share a brew with your dad, and yes, we’re talking about coffee! Whether you’re looking for the gift that keeps on giving like our monthly coffee subscription or want to send him a one time present like our Ceramic Facet Cup, there are plenty of ways to say thank you to the coffee loving dad in your life.

It’s typical for many dads to say they don’t want or need anything to celebrate Father’s Day. After looking up to him for all these years, there’s no doubt in your mind he deserves something special! Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s useful, sentimental, funny or a bit of all three, our list has you covered.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we love to support small businesses just like our own. You’ll see links to Etsy below where artists handcraft many of their wares and recommend you explore the whole site for unique gift options.

Check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2021:

1.     Coffee Gift Boxes

For every dad who can only mumble and grumble before his first sip of coffee, our coffee gift boxes are the ultimate treat. We have various boxes that fit the needs of all dads: sweet-tooth connoisseurs, French press aficionados and scrub-a-dub early morning bathers who will wake up to the smell of our coffee bean body scrub. Our boxes are the pinnacle of the at home coffee experience.

2.     Beer Cooling Cups

Although we love that Father’s Day is in the summer, it does mean the day gets hot quickly! That’s why you’ll be the ultimate savior when you give your dad these beer cooling cups. You simply place them in the freezer at least two hours before you want to crack open a cold one, and fill with his favorite beer!

3.     Honey & Roses Cutlery

Does your dad have a favorite seat on the couch? A favorite hat to wear on game day? Well, he’s about to have a favorite spoon designed by us and handmade by artisans in India. Options include a palm tree to remind him of his last vacation, a twig for the woodsy outdoorsmen, a coffee plant for the coffee purist and more.

4.     Engraved Pocket Knife

Pocket knives come in handy more than people realize. They’re a multipurpose tool for everything from slicing open packages to filleting the perfect steak. Make it even more meaningful by engraving it with his name, initials or birthday and he’ll take cherish it forever.

5.     Reusable Coffee Cup

Spill Proof Reusable Coffee Cup

Spill Proof Reusable Coffee Cup


Our Eco-friendly cups are not only beautiful, but 100% recyclable and convenient to carry on any journey. For hot or cold drinks! The spill proof lid easily screws off and you can drink the beverage as a cup with no lid or… Read More

Whether your dad has always worked from home or has only made the transition in the last year, our reusable coffee cups are the best way to keep his coffee hot and fresh. Perfect for the commute if and when he decides to return to the office or a day out on the golf course with friends, make sure he can take his beloved beverage with him wherever he goes.

6.     Surprise Family Photo Shoot

If you’re part of a family where all the kids are grown up and have fled the nest, you know it can be hard to wrangle everyone together on a single day. Take the opportunity to plan a surprise photo shoot with the whole gang! It’s probably been a while since you got family photos done and will make an excellent memento for your dad to hang over the fireplace.

7.     Coffee Subscription

Rotating Coffees Subscription

Rotating Coffees Subscription


COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION Enjoy some of the best coffees the US has to offer from some truly phenomenal craft roasters. With each box, you will receive a fantastic new coffee, roast to order and personalized based upon your selected preferences. Each… Read More

We mentioned our coffee subscription before, but we only scratched the surface. There are so many customizable options when it comes to our coffees (caffeinated or decaf, taste, grind size and more) that you truly can tailor everything exactly to your dad’s preference.

8.     101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes

The epitome of dad jokes is the dad, right? Though you’ve heard his masterful puns throughout the years, they may be getting a bit repetitive. Help him learn some new material to groan at by giving him a fun book that you absolutely won’t regret giving him at all later.

9.     Sweets and Treats

You’re already sweet enough for getting your dad a gift, but it helps when that gift is just as sugary. Our delectable choice of sweets and treats from cookies to cakes is the perfect pairing for your dad’s morning java. We even have a few gluten free options for the dads who have to normally avoid dessert!

10. Leather Card Holder

We love our dads for being so selfless, but sometimes we wish they would go ahead and treat themselves to something special. When’s the last time you remember your dad replacing his jeans, shoes or wallet? These leather card holders are beautifully crafted and will be something useful your dad can carry around to think of you every day. 

We know it’s cheesy, but remember that to your dad, you’re the best gift he could’ve asked for. Enjoy spending time in person or over zoom this holiday and celebrate your dad the way he deserves!

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