Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

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1 shot of Espresso

1/2 oz of Frangelica

1/2 oz of Coconut rum

1 oz of Vanilla Vodka

1/2 oz of Baileys Cream

This is going to make a very delicious variation of an espresso martini. We love the twist of the different liquors. This is perfect balance of sweet and strong, but feel free to change up the ingredients and measurements depending on your sweetness preference. 

Step 1- Pour your ingredients into a shaker with about a half a glass of ice. 

Step 2- Next you will want to shake this up vigorously until foamy. 

Step 3- Strain out the ice and pour into martini glass. 

Step 4- Enjoy those creamy chocolate and coffee flavors!

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