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Caramel Cider Latte

Caramel Cider Latte

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If this isn’t the perfect fall drink, then I don’t know what it is. This gooey caramel delicacy is perfect for any morning or afternoon pick me up. Inspired by our roaster in Burlington, Vermont. This caramel recipe is a fan favorite for many locals and visitors. Burlington Vermont is an amazing weekend trip during the fall season. The foliage in Vermont is incredibly beautiful and Kestrel Coffee Roasters is a must stop during any weekend getaway.

This signature recipe is really simple to make. The warm caramel really complements the rich chocolate tones of the coffee. So we promise you’ll love it.


This recipe can easily be adjusted to your liking! We recommend starting with

6 oz freshly brewed coffee (your brew method of choice)

4 oz apple cider, hot

1 oz creamy caramel

How To Make The Caramel Syrup

1 cup brown sugar

1 Dash of salt

1 cup heavy cream ( you can use a full fat non dairy cream if you prefer)

1 tbsp vanilla

Slowly bring 1 cup brown sugar, a dash of salt, and 1 cup heavy cream to a boil, stirring occasionally. Let simmer for 2-3 minutes. Off heat, add a dash of vanilla. Let cool, and enjoy! Can be stored, refrigerated for 2 weeks.

Pro Tip: We love this drink because of the pop of acidity and sweetness. It is best to skip adding additional dairy due to the acidity of the cider.

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