24 Hour Cold Brew Coffee

24 Hour Cold Brew Coffee

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Cold Brew coffee is a delicious drink year-round. It cools you down on a hot summer day or reminds you of warmer times during the cozy winter months. It’s is easy, accessible, tangy and delicious.

Think about it- what else compares to that moment you pour milk into coffee and watch layers of it swirl and unfold? It’s art! Here’s a simple recipe to make the most delicious cold brew according to us at Honey & Roses. Not too bitter and not too sweet, it’s the perfect drink for any morning.

Cold Brew

5 ounces coarsely ground coffee

1.5 cups of cold water (or fill your French press to the rim)

  1. Add cold water to coffee grounds in your French press.

  2. Place in the fridge for 24 hours without pushing down the filter. After 24 hours, press the filter down and watch the grounds fall to the bottom of the French press.

  3. Pour coffee over ice and serve. You can store the cold brew coffee in the fridge for up to week, but keep it in a separate container so you can continue to use your French press.

Note: making cold brew coffee works best with medium to dark roasts, but the flavor profile of the coffee used makes the biggest difference. Use a coffee with low acidity as coffee already becomes more acidic and bitter when it is cooled in the fridge. The best cold brews are made with sweeter, creamier coffees with less spice. Here are some cold brew blends that would work perfectly.

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